The Center for Intelligent Process Automation pairs Nichols College student experts with business partners to identify, analyze, and implement digital transformation opportunities.  

Automations use cutting-edge technology to quickly and easily remove inefficiencies from the daily toil of computer-focused jobs.  

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CIPA Research Fellowship Program

Nichols College Center for Intelligent Process Automation (CIPA) welcomes applications for visiting research fellowships. The duration of the appointment varies from a semester to three years. During this time, visiting research fellows work with existing faculty and on their research projects collaboratively with the CIPA.

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What does a CIPA IPAA do?

Intelligent Process Automation Analysts are student-experts helping businesses begin their digital transformation by identifying RPA opportunities.

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What Does a Bot Actually Do?

What does a bot actually do? Get a peek inside the specialized knowledge, skills, and career opportunities that our students have available to them.

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Analyzing the Development Lifecycle of Effective RPAs

Through the summer of 2021, the Center for Intelligent Process Automation worked to develop a consistent methodology for conducting process analysis when developing use cases for automation.

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Will RPA Eliminate Jobs?

What are the economic implications of RPA as a business process tool? Is RPA going to eliminate jobs, or improve them?

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Beating the Odds: Robotic Process Automation at the Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort

Automations have proven effective at helping employees spend less time on routine reporting and more on creative problem-solving.

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The Use Case for Lead Score Automation

How likely is that fresh lead to convert? RPA can streamline lead scoring and improve the consistency and accuracy of your results.

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In Partnership With

How can RPA save businesses time and money with help from student experts?

RPA in the News

What is RPA?

Learn more about what Robotic Process Automation is and how it can help you get the maximum value from your workforce.

Future of RPA

Robotic Process Automation is a foundational technology that companies should consider as a first step in their AI journey.

Pros & Cons

RPA can make massive changes to your business processes, and that can be intimidating. Let’s weight the pros and cons.

Limits of RPA

RPA can offer unique and money-saving efficiencies across industries, but it does have its limitation.