CIPA Research Fellowship Program

Nichols College Center for Intelligent Process Automation (CIPA) welcomes applications for visiting research fellowships. The duration of the appointment varies from a semester to three years. During this time, visiting research fellows work with existing faculty and on their research projects collaboratively with the CIPA.

CIPA research fellows are provided access to Nichols College resources, including, but not limited to, the Nichols College library, desk space, intelligent process automation analysts, technology, and data. Visiting fellows are established scholars, practitioners, and distinguished individuals whose presence at Nichols College will be of mutual benefit for a limited duration. They have outside employers and exected to be compensated by their existing employer while serving at Nichols College.

Nichols College anticipates CIPA research fellows contribute to the school’s intellectual life and support the mission of the CIPA: to support global digital transformation by enabling participation and accessibility for all stakeholders. Topics related to business applications of emerging technology and the involvement of students in the research will be given the highest priority. This could include but is not limited to training, opportunity assessment, deployment, or use cases. Visiting fellows are invited to lead or assist in the generation of research outputs that benefit the college and the greater community. These outputs can include Seminar presentations, white papers, videos, books, journal submissions, and other relevant and valuable research outputs.

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