The Use Case for Lead Score Automation

by Cody Roberts ’22, CIPA IPAA

As the Nichols College Center for Intelligent Process Automation (CIPA) has continued aiding in the improvement of internal procedures within the college, we are pleased to announce the roll-out of the lead score automation which will further assist staff at Nichols College. With the utilization of robotic process automation (RPA), this automation was designed by our team to replicate work performed by agents who had to manually generate a “lead score”, a score produced to judge the likeliness of a prospective student to attend Nichols College, through a predetermined calculation. Prior to the automation’s creation, agents often had to manually calculate these scores for each prospective student, which was very time consuming to collect the data points and often had discrepancies as the calculation could be easily miscalculated without a predetermined process. 

In response to this, the Nichols College CIPA generated an automation which connected to the data warehouse system, collected the relevant data for 30+ students, analyzes the collected data, and produces a lead score based on a predetermined formula which is then stored within an excel workbook. Not only does this automation improve consistency and accuracy of this process, but it saves approximately one minute per calculation when compared to a manual setting. Additionally, the process can be run back-to-back on the same excel sheet for a full dynamic solution and users are able to fully use their computer while the automation runs in the background. Overall, this automation has proved to improve efficiency within the process and provided consistent and insightful data points as an end result.  

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