The Use Case for Call Center Automation

by Cody Roberts, CIPA IPAA

The Nichols College Center for Intelligent Process Automation (CIPA) is proud to introduce a new automation implemented to aide its internal call-center employees. This automation, know as the Call Center Bot, has proved itself in multiple standings to assist employees who are in direct contact with prospective students. Prior to its creation, the typical process involved call-center employees to manually navigate through various pages within Slate, a data warehouse software, where needed information was found scattered throughout various sub-menus within the software. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, the reality is that the deviation of information placement caused an array of problems as time elapsed. These issues revolved mainly around time efficiency and professional appearance, where call-center employees would spend an unnecessary amount time whilst on a call with a prospective student searching for relative data points which may pertain to the appeal of our institution towards that student. As a result, call-center employees may appear unprepared while on a call and searching for relative information.  

As the Nichols College CIPA intervened, its team developed an automation which automatically collected the data of 10 students at a time within Slate and displayed a call-out, more commonly known as a pop-up-box, on the employee’s computer which displayed all relative information regarding a prospective student one-by-one in an organized and easy to follow manner. In addition to this, call-center employees are able to edit data within the call-out which is logged in excel and can be later uploaded in slate to update prospective students’ profiles. From an application standpoint, this automation directly effects call-center employees during their calls, the experience of prospective students who are on those calls and improves the branding and outlook of Nichols College. Through its implementation, users see a significant improvement in time efficiency for call center employees who have a new ease of access to data, improvement in data management as users can update profiles in real time, and an improved appearance of branding as employees are more organized and proficient when on a call.  

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