STEMing it Up With CIPA

Nichols College welcomed two groups of fifteen girls from Girls Inc and twenty-five kids from Our Bright Future to campus where they were introduced to experts from The Center for Intelligent Process Automation (CIPA) and Nichols College. During the weeklong camps, the CIPA team led them through a series of engaging activities focusing on technology, communication, leadership, and teamwork. CIPA provided hands on experience in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Virtual Reality (VR) which opened an entirely new world for the participants, many of whom would not otherwise have this opportunity. 

The summer camps received introductions to RPA, starting with a mini course to review RPA essentials including, the purpose, the misconceptions, advantages, requirements, and challenges. CIPA’s YouTube channel videos offered a detailed walkthrough on how to create simple automations. Additionally, the camps provided hands-on experience with Frame VR. Attendees built their own rooms within Frame VR, using their creativity and imagination to create fun facts and things they are interested in inside of the rooms. We also created scavenger hunts within Frame VR for a fun activity at the end of each week. The kids loved the scavenger hunts and were good at them, finding all the items every time.  

Have we got you hooked yet? Jump over to the News section of our website  to see more how-to videos such as our football and soccer statistics automation and explore our CIPA virtual office. 

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