Key Phrase Tracking for Customer Satisfaction: A Call Center Proof of Concept

by Dylan Mitchell, Marketing ’22 

I was assigned and worked on a project for the Nichols College call center, and I helped them access student information and ease the account creation process. I started by creating an outline of the weak or lag points. I found that the collection of data about students and department information was extremely hard to collect as everything was in various parts across multiple databases. So, this is where I decided to start by creating a road map of a typical interaction in the call center.

I began by building just a rough skeleton of the program with an indicator box with labels of what I would want each function to do. This allowed me to layout and picture how the bot would work. Starting with designing a prompt window that allowed the user to select from several options, including new students, current students, parents, more. This allowed me to create custom displays for each one of the options.

I then created custom pathways for each one of the options with displays with quick links to useful information. With a multipath design, I was able to create popups tailored to whatever the needs of the user were. Unfortunately, with a time restraint and still learning the software, I was unable to finish the whole thing but there were semi functioning able to automate the student registration forums, well also having the ability to scan incoming emails and sort them by areas of focus and interest then autoreply with a custom-built message tailored to the customer.  

My project was to create something that would help call centers more effectively do their job by complete simple task. But I believe that this simple automation could be a proof of concept for some much larger project. With enough coding and time, a bot that could automatically respond to customer complaints by reading the message analyzing what they need help with then sending the right response. Or a bot that could track key phrases in the media and can present data about trends that best fit your company.

Any simple task that people do can be automated giving more time to be creative and spend time doing more complex jobs. It may seem a far-off dream to imagine a time where we use technology with 100% efficiency but with enough time and the right people this program could help millions of people. The future rest in automation and getting a head start on it will only put you further in the race. 

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