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The first time the employees at CIPA were first introduced to Frame VR in 2021 was during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time CIPA would have weekly meetings in order to update the organization on what has happened and the plans for what everyone would be working on in the upcoming weeks. After the first couple of interactions with frame, we realized that you customize the frame with what will work best for your organization. As CIPA got more comfortable with Frame VR we started integrating our own content. Now the CIPA Frame VR is set up so any individual can log in and explore our virtual office and learn more about the organization and the employees who work within it. Feel free to explore for yourself!  

One of the engagements where we used Frame VR frequently was during CIPA’s apprenticeship program. The team consisting of 6 apprentices had to do presentations of automations they created on frame. These presentations went smoothly thanks to the screen-sharing function. We also conducted many meetings through frame, and we achieved the same results as being in the office. Frame brings energy to working from home that is not present when you are truly alone. There is still the sense of team, even though the team is scattered geographically. Frame has fun features as well. You can customize your avatar, create your own virtual world, and even play basketball! Work does not always have to feel like work, and Frame VR exemplifies this with its platform.

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