Consulting Highlights & Impact

Since the beginning of 2021, CIPA (Center for Intelligent Process Automation) has engaged in twenty-five separate consulting engagements involving various departments in Nichols College and external stakeholders. Our engagements have provided us opportunity to research and test a methodology for analyzing business processes and performing analysis on them to find root causes. The result of this activity has led to value-adding deliverables for our partners and clients including: 

  • Proof-of-concept frameworks (POC)  
  • Cost-savings models
  • Personnel governance improvement plans 

Most of our engagements have been analyzed using the current iteration of our business analysis methodology. This methodology was assembled by Jacob Ortega with assistance from industry experts. It comprises of several stages and is used to understand a business process in its existing form and define details needed by stakeholders to deliver improvements to the process. Through our consulting and analysis efforts, CIPA has developed numerous proofs of concepts (POCs) of robotic automation for a variety of business process use-cases which has resulted in value for the College and our partners alike. Our ability to discover and document individual requirements has led to the development of POCs through NICE Systems’ Automation Studio, UiPath’s Studio, Power Automate, and other automation software products. These POCs can formally demonstrate the potential value to stakeholders by visualizing and providing a framework for a potential solution to exist in. 

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